Tantely Randriamparany

Tantely RANDRIAMPARNY (t.randriamparany@gmail.com) is a biologist at the National Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (LNDV) of Madagascar which is a public laboratory attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. He has worked on African Swine Fever Virus since 1997, date that the virus was detected for the first time in Madagascar. In 2016 he completed a PhD at the University of Antananarivo - Faculty of Sciences - Biochemistry option Biotechnology – Microbiology – on the «Validation of diagnostic techniques for African swine fever (ASF) and molecular characterization of Malagasy strains». He was supervised by University of Antananarivo, Madagascar and INRA-CIRAD Montpellier, France. Tantely’s research activities are related to animal diseases and food safety in Madagascar and in Indian Ocean DP (Partnership Research and Teaching System) (https://www.onehealth-oi.org/). He has 23 publications in animal diseases and the majority is on African swine fever.