Ravaomanana Fleurette

My name is RAVAOMANANAN Feurette (ravfleure1@gmail.com), technician at the National Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Madagascar. I am a master student in Biochemestry, Biodiversity and Health at the University of Sciences of Antananarivo, Madagascar. I have been involved in the diagnostics of all major pathogens affecting animal health circulating in Madagascar, including ASFV. I’m interested in ASFV diagnostics both in domestic animals and wildlife, using serological and molecular methods.

Contact: RAVAOMANANA Fleurette,

Technician at the National Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Lot I¨PA 112 Anosimasina Itaosy Antananarivo 102

Email: ravfleure1@gmail.com

Phone number; +261345037567